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White Orchid Retreats at Ridge Country

Ridge Country is hosting White Orchid Retreats.  For women, run by women, luxury weight loss and wellness retreats, on the edge of Tauranga in the gorgeous Bay of Plenty, NZ. Whether you are trying to attain your optimum weight, be a bit more healthy or just want to relax, be pampered and looked after, White Orchid Retreats is the place to come.

Indulge Retreats
Our 3 and 7 Day Indulge Retreats are specifically for those ladies who would like to escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life to be spoilt for a short time. 

Weight Loss and Wellness Retreats
Many women struggle for years with trying to maintain a figure that they are happy with or keep excess weight at bay.  Our Weight Loss and Wellness Retreats enable women to achieve their individual weight loss and health goals.  Groups are limited to 16, the venue is private and secure at an exclusive secluded location, beautiful accommodation,  educational presentations and workshops by health and wellness professionals, healthy and delicious meals designed by our dietitian, cooking classes, life coaching, meal plans, recipes, motivational journal, gentle exercise sessions, motivational activities, meditation and yoga classes, support, enthusiasm and understanding.  Share this experience with others, like-minded and facing the same challenges. You have the option of private consulations with all of our presenters to truely personalise your journey.  

Our 3, 7, 10 and 21 Day Weight Loss and Wellness Retreats are designed to equip ladies with the tools to live a healthy life sustainably and share the knowledge with loved ones.  There is a strong emphasis on education around diet, life coaching, self image, mindfulness, the importance of sleep, relaxation and exercise.  Learn how to attain your optimum weight and shape.  The shorter retreats serve as an introduction, the longer ones allow for a full immersion into a new lifestyle, breaking bad habits and installing good ones.  Clear the slate and turn over a new leaf.  You only need to do it once, we provide ongoing support post-retreat.   

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The Dates!

These are the confirmed dates. 

September 14 - 16  3 Day Indulge Retreat
September 19 - 25 7 Day Intense Wellness Retreat 
October 1 - 21  21 Day Immerse Wellness Retreat 
November 1 - 3  3 Day Indulge Retreat 
November 10 - 12  3 Day Wellness Retreat 
November 17 - 26  10 Day Immense Wellness Retreat 
November 30 - December 2  3 Day Indulge Retreat 
December 5 - 11  7 Day Indulge and Revive Retreat 
December 14 - 16  3 Day Indulge Retreat 

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